What Is LHR GPU? Is It Good For Gaming, Rendering?

what is lhr gpu?

If you’re looking to build or upgrade a computer, you might have heard the term LHR GPU. This article examines the differences between LHR and non-LHR GPUs and discusses how they affect rendering and gaming. It will explain what LHR

How To Fix Stuttering In Games (Windows 10/11/PC)

how to fix stuttering in games

Are you looking for a way to fix stuttering In games? then we have some solutions for you. In a game, stuttering can be a frustrating and immersion-breaking experience. It occurs when the game’s frame rate drops or becomes uneven, resulting in

How To Apply Thermal Paste To A GPU Or CPU In (2023)

How to apply thermal paste to a cpu or gpu

Thermal paste is a compound used to improve heat transfer between the heat-generating component of a computer, such as a CPU or GPU, and the heat sink or cooling fan. It improves heat conductivity and dissipation by filling in microscopic gaps

9 Best Mid-Range Graphics Cards (GPUs) In 2023

Best Mid range Graphics Card in 2023

It is possible to get excellent performance without breaking the bank with the best mid-range graphics cards. It is really hard to find a decent GPU that offers the best value for money when Nvidia and AMD compete to produce the best

What Is MSI Afterburner? How To Download & Use IT! [2023]

what is msi afterburner

MSI Afterburner is an overclocking tool you should try on your gaming PC if you are looking for one. This software allows users to tweak their GPUs and save them as profiles. Users can also customize the user interface’s default

How To Undervolt A GPU In (2023): The Ultimate Guide!

how to undervolt a gpu

Are you aching to learn How To Undervolt a GPU? Ponder no more; our guide has the perfect answer! Don’t miss out – discover the secrets of GPU undervolting today! Leap and equip yourself with the in-depth knowledge you need. The

Does Borderless Window Affect Performance? [Let’s Find Out!]

Does Borderless Window Affect Performance?

Want to find out if borderless windows affect performance? then we got your answer in this article. The borderless window mode, also known as windowed fullscreen or fullscreen windowed mode, is a display mode that allows an application or game to run

How Many NVMe Slots Do I Have? A Guide To Finding Out

How Many NVMe Slots Do I Have?

NVMe slots, short for Non-Volatile Memory Express slots, are crucial components of a computer. They enable the connection of an NVMe storage device to a system, providing it with lightning-fast data transfer speeds. However, it can be challenging to determine

How To Test Graphics Card Without Motherboard Or PC

how to test a graphics card without motherboard

You may need to test a graphics card without a motherboard for several reasons. It is possible to verify a graphics card’s functionality before installing it in a new or existing system or to troubleshoot an issue with a graphics card that