What is AMD Enhanced Sync: How to ENABLE it?

In the latest AMD ReLive driver package, AMD introduces Enhanced Sync to replace VSync and improve FreeSync for a smoother gaming experience. You can use Enhanced Sync to keep latency and tearing to a minimum outside the FreeSync range if your monitor supports FreeSync.

The concept of frame synchronization isn’t new, but it has undergone significant changes in recent years. For years, VSync (read: vertical synchronization) was the only option. In this technology, your GPU won’t try to deliver frames it can’t reproduce by matching the refresh rate of your monitor.

While this results in smooth visuals, it also introduces stuttering at low frame rates and increases the request time for input if the GPU is unable to output a frame rate that matches or exceeds the display’s refresh rate.

The AMD FreeSync technology was introduced in 2015 as a response to Nvidia’s G-Sync technology. It minimizes tearing and increases response time by synchronizing refresh rates with frame rates output by the graphics card.

In order to take advantage of FreeSync’s variable refresh rates, you need a FreeSync-specific display. It is also limited in its operational range. Despite dipping below the minimum frame rate, you still experience stuttering, and you may experience tearing if your frame rate exceeds the maximum frame rate.

What is AMD Enhanced Sync?

By enabling Enhanced Sync, the game runs without capping frames, while lowering screen tearing risks. As a result, the most recently completed frame on the monitor is displayed when a new frame is added to the game, while the oldest unneeded frames are dropped, thus improving responsiveness and reducing input lag.

amd enhanced sync

As an example, our team measured the latency and frame time of Halo Infinite while using VSync in one instance and Enhanced Sync in another.

We can see from the above results that when VSync is enabled, the stuttering and frame rates vary greatly, resulting in difficulty playing the game due to the start-stop motion.

You can have a more stable and responsive gaming experience if you use Enhanced Sync, which displays frames at a much more steady rate with very little fluctuation. With Enhanced Sync enabled and AMD FreeSync enabled, gamers can experience up to 51% lower latency on Halo Infinite when compared with VSync enabled.

The AMD FreeSync display refresh rate is synced with the frame rate of your AMD graphics card by using dynamic refresh rates. As a result, visual artifacts such as input lag, flickering, tearing, and stuttering are reduced or even eliminated during your gaming sessions. However, the good news doesn’t end here!

Bringing Sync to the Next Level

When the frame rate is higher than the refresh rate, the response time is longer (ms)

the next level of sync

With enhanced sync, you can play virtually any game at virtually any framerate and experience tear-free gameplay no matter how fast your display refreshes.

Gaming with ultra-fast frame rates and no tears

Take eSports gaming to the next level with Enhanced Sync technology. Enhanced Sync technology eliminates tear-free experiences at a low latency when framerate exceeds display refresh rate.

A virtually stutter-free experience

Stuttering should be reduced and responsiveness should be increased.

In order to deliver liquid smooth gameplay, enhanced Sync technology focuses on reducing framerate at low latency.

stutter free

Radeon FreeSync Technology + Enhanced Sync Technology

Effortless and tear-free.

Allow your Radeon FreeSync technology to be enhanced by enabling a tear-free experience above Radeon FreeSync technology.

How To Enable AMD Enhanced Sync?

The AMD Radeon drivers application has an option called Enhanced Sync that can be found in the Graphics section. To use this option, you will need to have the AMD Radeon drivers version 17.7.2 installed.

People Also Ask (FAQs)

What API’s does Enhanced Sync support?

Enhanced Sync now supports DirectX 9 and DirectX 10 games, as well as DirectX 12 and Vulkan®.

Does Enhanced Sync support multimedia applications?

No, Multimedia applications are not supported by Enhanced Sync, and flickering or other undesirable behavior may occur. Enhanced sync can be disabled or enabled specifically within games if you experience problems with multimedia playback.

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