Does Crypto Mining Void GPU Warranty (Let’s FIND OUT!)

does crypto mining void gpu warranty

You might be wondering that does crypto mining void GPU warranty and want to know the answer, right? then you are at the right place. What is crypto mining? Crypto mining is the process of verifying and adding transaction records

What Is HWMonitor Pro? Review: Paid & Free (2022)

HWMonitor Pro

To buy HWMonitor Pro, you need to understand its offer. This article will explain how to use this product, including its Remote Monitoring feature, Alert System, and Cost. Having it installed allows you to monitor all your machines anytime from

How to Check GPU Temperature in Ubuntu (Linux 2022)

check gpu temperature in ubuntu

If you are an avid gamer, you may be wondering how to check the temperature of your graphics card in Ubuntu. There are several ways you can do this. Some of them include thermald, lm-sensors, and Glances. Using lm-sensors You

How to Check GPU Temperature in Windows 10/11?

check your gpu temperature

It is necessary to check GPU Temperature repeatedly, A high graphics card temperature can also be a sign that something is wrong, no matter whether you are using one of the best graphics cards or one that is older and

GPU Overheating: Causes, Symptoms & How to FIX IT! (2022)

gpu overheating

If your computer’s graphics card (GPU) is overheating, it can cause problems with the programs that you wish to run. If your video games or video rendering frequently halts, slows, or stalls and your GPU temperature increases, then you must

What is AMD FreeSync? (Everything You Need to KNOW!)

what is amd freesync

Input latency (the time between when you move your best gaming mouse and when the cursor moves) during fast-paced video games and games is a result of AMD FreeSync, a technology found on specific gaming monitors, gaming laptops and TVs. 

What is AMD Enhanced Sync: How to ENABLE it?

amd enhanced sync

In the latest AMD ReLive driver package, AMD introduces Enhanced Sync to replace VSync and improve FreeSync for a smoother gaming experience. You can use Enhanced Sync to keep latency and tearing to a minimum outside the FreeSync range if

Intel Smooth SYNC (Brief Introduction!) 2022

intel smooth sync

A new dithering filter introduced by Intel is Smooth Sync, which helps to minimize screen tearing on displays without Adaptive-Sync or V-Sync active, reports Michael Larabel of the website Phoronix. The VESA Adaptive-Sync certification for Arc Graphics is supported by

How To Fix GPU Artifacting? (All You Need to KNOW!)

How to fix gpu artifacting

Due to heavy load on the GPU, artifacts appear on your screen as unwanted pixel colors, buggy textures, or glitches. There are many types of artifacts. There will be times when you will see pink or green pixels on the

What is Nvidia G-Sync? (Explained 2022)

nvidia g-sync

The purpose of this guide is to explain what Nvidia’s G-Sync technology is, what it does, and whether it is worth your time. In spite of slow progress, PC users are finally moving past synchronization issues thanks to NVIDIA’s G-Sync.