How To Check If The CPU Cooler is Working?

Check CPU Cooler

Several high-value tasks are carried out every day on your PC. Multiple applications are opened, interacted with, and closed for accomplishing these tasks. Nevertheless, all these applications heat up your PC due to all the strain they place on it. 

CPU vs GPU vs TPU: Pros, Cons, Difference


CPU vs GPU vs TPU, which is better for you? Artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies have enhanced the advancement of intelligent applications. Processors and accelerators, including CPUs, GPUs, and TPUs, are constantly being developed by semiconductor companies to support

How To Water Cool CPU and GPU?

Water cooling gpu cpu

Are you wondering how you can overclock and take the maximum performance out of your computer using water cooling AKA liquid cooling? Then, this post is for you, containing information regarding increasing performance using water cooling. Especially during the season