How To Apply Thermal Paste To A GPU Or CPU in (2023)

How to apply thermal paste to a cpu or gpu

Thermal paste is a compound used to improve heat transfer between the heat-generating component of a computer, such as a CPU or GPU, and the heat sink or cooling fan. It improves heat conductivity and dissipation by filling in microscopic

Should You Upgrade the GPU or CPU First? (We KNOW!)

what to upgrade first cpu or gpu

When it comes to upgrading a computer, many people often find themselves wondering whether they should focus on upgrading their GPU (graphics processing unit) or CPU (central processing unit) first. This decision can be difficult to make, as both components

How Many NVMe Slots Do I Have? A Guide to Finding Out

How Many NVMe Slots Do I Have?

NVMe (Non-Volatile Memory Express) slots are an important component of a computer. They are used to connect an NVMe storage device to a system and provide it with lightning-fast data speeds. But how many NVMe slots does your system have?

What is LHR GPU? Is It Good For Gaming, Rendering?

what is lhr gpu?

If you’re looking to build or upgrade a computer, you might have heard the term LHR GPU. This article examines the differences between LHR and non-LHR GPUs and discusses how they affect rendering and gaming. It will explain what LHR

Windows 10 Hardware Accelerated GPU Scheduling – Good To Enable?

How To Enable Hardware-Accelerated GPU Scheduling In Windows 10

Hardware-accelerated GPU scheduling is a feature introduced by Microsoft in the Windows 10 operating system that aims to improve the performance of visual content, particularly games, on a computer. Graphic processing tasks are offloaded to the graphics processing unit (GPU)

How To Switch From AMD to Nvidia Graphics Card (GPU)

how to switch from amd to nvidia graphics card

Welcome to our guide on how to switch from AMD to Nvidia graphics. A graphics card from Nvidia is likely to improve performance or be compatible with specific software if you’re considering switching. There are many reasons why NVIDIA is

How To Test Graphics Card without Motherboard or PC

how to test graphics card without motherboard

You may need to test a graphics card without a motherboard for several reasons. It is possible to verify a graphics card’s functionality before installing it in a new or existing system or to troubleshoot an issue with a graphics

Ray Tracing: What is It, How Does it Work?

what is ray tracing

An effective method of simulated light interaction with objects in a virtual environment is ray tracing, which is used in computer graphics and visualization. It is possible to create highly realistic and photorealistic images that closely resemble what we see