Does Crypto Mining Void GPU Warranty (Let’s FIND OUT!)

does crypto mining void gpu warranty

You might be wondering that does crypto mining void GPU warranty and want to know the answer, right? then you are at the right place. What is crypto mining? Crypto mining is the process of verifying and adding transaction records

What is AMD FreeSync? (Everything You Need to KNOW!)

what is amd freesync

Input latency (the time between when you move your best gaming mouse and when the cursor moves) during fast-paced video games and games is a result of AMD FreeSync, a technology found on specific gaming monitors, gaming laptops and TVs. 

What is AMD Enhanced Sync: How to ENABLE it?

amd enhanced sync

In the latest AMD ReLive driver package, AMD introduces Enhanced Sync to replace VSync and improve FreeSync for a smoother gaming experience. You can use Enhanced Sync to keep latency and tearing to a minimum outside the FreeSync range if

Intel Smooth SYNC (Brief Introduction!) 2022

intel smooth sync

A new dithering filter introduced by Intel is Smooth Sync, which helps to minimize screen tearing on displays without Adaptive-Sync or V-Sync active, reports Michael Larabel of the website Phoronix. The VESA Adaptive-Sync certification for Arc Graphics is supported by

How To Fix GPU Artifacting? (All You Need to KNOW!)

How to fix gpu artifacting

Due to heavy load on the GPU, artifacts appear on your screen as unwanted pixel colors, buggy textures, or glitches. There are many types of artifacts. There will be times when you will see pink or green pixels on the

How To Fix Loud Graphics Card Fans In 2022

Fix Graphics Card Loud Fans

In this article, we will discuss how you can fix loud fans on your graphics card. A PC user wants as little noise as possible when it comes to their GPU fans, especially when it comes to creating a serene

GPU Load: How To Check it (Definitive Guide!)

check gpu load

If you’re curious about how to check GPU Load or how much of your GPU is being used by your AAA game or editing software, you can easily do that. Using the Task Manager, you can view GPU Utilization, Dedicated/Shared

How To Check If The CPU Cooler is Working?

Check CPU Cooler

Several high-value tasks are carried out every day on your PC. Multiple applications are opened, interacted with, and closed for accomplishing these tasks. Nevertheless, all these applications heat up your PC due to all the strain they place on it. 

Is GPU Water cooling Worth It? Liquid Cooling in (2022)

Is gpu water cooling worth it

Source: GPUs are the most powerful components of a computer. Your computer can go out of control if this heat isn’t addressed. Water cooling is the solution. This might seem strange since we tend to keep liquids away from our machines most of