How To Fix Stuttering In Games (Windows 10/11/PC)

how to fix stuttering in games

Are you looking for a way to fix stuttering In games? then we have some solutions for you. In a game, stuttering can be a frustrating and immersion-breaking experience. It occurs when the game’s frame rate drops or becomes uneven, resulting in

PSU Overheating – Symptoms, How To Fix It? (Solved)

PSU Overheating

Power supply unit (PSU) overheating is a common problem that can occur in desktop computers. An increase in internal temperature occurs when the power supply is unable to dissipate heat effectively. In addition to dust buildup, underpowered power supplies, poor

GPU Overheating: Causes, Symptoms & How to FIX IT! (2023)

gpu overheating

If your computer’s graphics card (GPU) is overheating, it can cause problems with the programs that you wish to run. If your video games or video rendering frequently halts, slows, or stalls and your GPU temperature increases, then you must

How To Fix GPU Artifacting? (All You Need to KNOW!)

How to fix gpu artifacting

Due to heavy load on the GPU, artifacts appear on your screen as unwanted pixel colors, buggy textures, or glitches. There are many types of artifacts. There will be times when you will see pink or green pixels on the

How To Fix Loud Graphics Card Fans In 2023

Fix Graphics Card Loud Fans

In this article, we will discuss how you can fix loud fans on your graphics card. A PC user wants as little noise as possible when it comes to their GPU fans, especially when it comes to creating a serene

Nvidia Graphics Card Not Detected in Windows 10 (Easy Fix!)

How To Fix nvidia graphics card not detected

Nvidia Graphics Card Not Detected. It’s not fun to see an error such as this, particularly if you aren’t very knowledgeable about the specifics of the interaction between software and hardware. We’re here to assist you. Many possible causes could be the

How To Fix Screen Tearing Without VSync (Methods)

How to fix screen tearing with vsync

You might be wondering How to fix screen tearing with VSync? You may experience screen tearing while gaming. It can be very distracting and can make gaming difficult. V Sync may have been suggested to you to fix screen tearing. However, VSync

How To Fix Screen Tearing [Easy Solution]

How To Fix Screen Tearing

Screen tearing is a problem with a video display, where the display looks torn and frames don’t look synchronized. When two frames are not synchronized properly the pictures start looking torn and having such issues usually could mess up your

How To Fix CPU & GPU Bottleneck (SOLVED!) in [2023]

How To Fix CPU and GPU Bottleneck

In this article, I will explain what CPU and GPU bottleneck is, how it affects your gaming performance and how to fix CPU & GPU Bottleneck. It’s Important to ensure that your CPU and GPU are of comparable quality whether