How To Check Hashrate of GPU (Explained!)

Those who are new to mining may find it difficult to calculate their hashrate. This can generally be done in one of two ways.

Firstly, you can use mining calculators such as WHATTOMINE, which has a database of benchmarks for a wide variety of mining hardware.

In the second option, you can download mining software and run benchmarks on the mining hardware you are interested in knowing hashrates for.

Hence, we wanted to discuss this topic more in-depth in this guide. By the end of this guide, you’ll be a pro at calculating your hash rate.

Hashrate Graph
Hashrate Graph

What is Hashrate?

A hashrate is a measure of the computing power of a device that mines cryptocurrency. There are different types of mining equipment that mine coins using Proof-of-Work mining that must be configured if the token uses this algorithm.

You just need a hashrate to calculate how much cryptocurrency you will receive. Rameter and a result of ASIK or a “farm” of video cards, this parameter indicate how fast mathematical operations are performed.

The goal is to find hash functions that will serve as the completion of a block in the chain. For tTo reward this, a set number of tokens is given. Higher the Hashrate You have a higher chance of locating the desired block and picking up the reward if the system’s hashrate is higher.

This is why private miners do not mine cryptocurrency individually, but are combined into “pools”. If one finds the right solution earlier and faster than the others, the prize is distributed in proportion to the computing power of each participant. 

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How To Check Hashrate of GPU

The hashrate indicates how fast your GPU can calculate the hashes of a block and solve the puzzle. It is a measure of how fast your GPU can process the hashes of a block and solve the puzzle.

The formula for calculating hashrate is [difficulty * time].

Here, time refers to how long it takes for the network to find a solution. It is done by multiplying your hashrate by difficulty, which is the number of shares per second that a miner needs to get a block. Your computer takes a while to solve the puzzle and verify that it’s correct.

A GPU’s hash rate tells you how many hashes it can calculate per second. You’ll have more time to solve each block if your GPU has a higher hash rate than the difficulty. Mining requires a high hash rate if you want to be profitable. 

How is mining Performance Measured?

The mining performance is measured in hashes per second: h/s. Second solutions are designated in sol/s. Its meaning is the same as H/S in a network using the ZeroCash protocol.

Multiple units:

  • 1 Kh/ s – 1 kilohash / s or 1000 h/ s;
  • 1 Mh/ s – 1 megahash / s or 1 million h/ s;
  • 1 Gh/ s – 1 gigahesh / s or 1 billion h / s;
  • 1 Th/s – 1 terahesh / s or 1 trillion h/ s;
  • 1 Ph/sec – 1 petahesh / sec or 1 quadrillion ch / sec;
  • 1 Eh/sec – 1 Exahesh / s or 1 quintillion h/ s;
  • 1 Zh/sec – 1 zettahesh / s or 1 sextillion h/ s;
  • 1 them/sec – 1 iottahesh / s or 1 septillion h/ s.
How Mining performance measured?

To convert gigahashes to teraheshes, the value in gigahesh is divided by 1000. Example: 1 Gh / s = 0.001 Th/ s, 500 Gh / s = 0.5 Th / s, 1000 Gh / s = 1 Th/ s.

Megahash is equal to 1,000,000 hashes. To find out how many megahashes are contained in a multiple, the megahashes are multiplied by a decimal factor:

  • 1 GH = 1000 Mh;
  • 1 Th = 1.000.000 Mh;
  • 1 Ph = Mh;
  • 1 Eh = Mh;
  • 1 Zh = Mh;
  • 1 Their = Mh.

To find out what part of a megahash corresponds to a fractional value, divide megahash by 1000 and 1,000,000:

  • 1 Kh = 0.001 Mh;
  • 1 h = 0.000001 Mh.

People Also Ask (FAQs)

How Do I Know My GPU Hashrate?

GPUs with higher specifications can solve the SHA-256 algorithm (in Bitcoin) and find the 64-digit hash and submit it to mining pools in a matter of seconds. A hash rate is determined by the total number of correct hashes transmitted by your GPUs each second, and the more computing power, the higher the hash rate will be.

How is a Hashrate Calculated?

Hash Rate Units

The Bitcoin network is made up of the hashes generated by the miners who are currently online. A hash is a guess a miner makes towards solving for the next block. Similarly, one hash per second (H/s) equals one attempt at double SHA-256 computation (i.e. (SHA256(SHA256)).

How much hashrate is needed to mine 1 Ethereum?

As of April 08, 2022, it takes approximately 7.5 days to mine Ethereum at a hash rate or hashing power of 500 mh/s using an NVIDIA GTX 3090 that hashes at approximately 500 mh/s. This should take a lot longer on a GPU that hashes at 28.2 MH/S.  

Which GPU Gives Highest Hashrate?

NVIDIA’s RTX 3090 is the most powerful GPU in the RTX 30 series to date. It comes with everything you need to create a powerful mining rig. For gaming, that means a hash rate of 121MH/s, 24GB of GDDR6X VRAM, and more than 10,000 CUDA cores.


In the end, we believe that It is hard to predict, because it depends on how each GPU architecture is exploited by drivers, CUDA (or other) middleware, and the mining software itself.

It is possible to measure it or find information online from people who have measured it and published the data.

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