Does Borderless Window Affect Performance? [Let’s Find Out!]

Want to find out if borderless windows affect performance? then we got your answer in this article. The borderless window mode, also known as windowed fullscreen or fullscreen windowed mode, is a display mode that allows an application or game to run in a window that covers the entire screen, without having borders and title bars. As a result, it appears fullscreen, but the application window remains visible and can still be interacted with.

Using borderless window mode while running applications or playing games can affect a computer’s performance, which is the focus of this article. With borderless window mode, users can switch between applications quickly and multitask better without sacrificing performance, and it provides the benefits of both fullscreen and windowed modes. This article examines whether or not borderless window mode negatively impacts performance, but there are also claims that it does.

Does Borderless Window Affect Performance?

Borderless window mode can affect performance by consuming more system resources, causing lower frame rates and increased input lag. However, the actual impact depends on several factors, and for most users, it is not significant. For the highest performance, gamers should run games in fullscreen mode.

The short answer is that borderless window mode can affect performance, but it may not be significant enough to affect most users’ experience. Running games or applications in borderless window mode can consume more system resources than running them in fullscreen mode. The reason behind this is that the operating system continues to render other applications and desktop elements while running the game or application in borderless window mode. This can cause some performance degradation, including lower frame rates, longer loading times, and increased input lag.

Input Lag test 1

However, the actual impact on performance depends on various factors such as the game’s complexity, the system specifications, and the number of other applications running in the background. In some cases, the difference in performance between borderless window mode and fullscreen mode is negligible, and users might not even notice it.

One factor that affects performance in borderless window mode is the graphics card’s behavior. Some graphics cards prioritize fullscreen mode and allocate more resources to it, resulting in better performance. Others allocate the same amount of resources to both modes, which means the performance in both modes is similar.

In summary, borderless window mode can affect performance, but the impact is not significant for most users. However, for gamers who require the highest performance possible, running games in fullscreen mode may be the best option. On the other hand, users who prefer the convenience of borderless window mode should be aware that it may come at a slight performance cost.

Borderless Window vs. fullscreen

Differences Between The Borderless Window And Fullscreen:

When it comes to displaying a game or an application, there are two main display modes that users can choose from borderless window and fullscreen.

A borderless window is a display mode where the game or application is displayed without any borders or frames around it. In contrast to fullscreen mode, which takes over the entire screen and displays the application without borders or frames, windowed mode runs an application in the same windowed mode.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of The Borderless Window And Fullscreen:

Borderless Window:

Borderless window
Borderless Window


  • Easier multitasking: Multitasking is one of the primary advantages of borderless window mode. This makes it an excellent option for gamers who like to use multiple monitors since they can switch between applications or access other programs without minimizing the game or application they are currently using.
  • Improved Alt+Tab performance: With borderless windows, users can switch between applications more quickly and without experiencing any lag or delay, since Alt+Tab performance is improved.
  • Better compatibility: In borderless window mode, some older games or applications may not work in fullscreen mode.


  • Performance: Some games or applications run in windowed mode even when borderless window mode is enabled. This may cause performance issues since graphics cards and CPUs need more resources.
  • Reduced immersion: Some gamers prefer fullscreen games, which can make the application less immersive since it doesn’t display in fullscreen.

Full Screen:



  • Improved performance:
  • Due to the fullscreen mode, games, and applications generally perform better since all resources are being utilized.
  • Enhanced immersion: Games and applications are displayed in fullscreen mode, eliminating all distractions.


  • Difficulty multitasking: Multitasking is difficult in fullscreen mode because users can only switch between applications or access other programs by exiting the game.
  • Poor Alt+Tab performance: Alt+Tab performance may also be poor in fullscreen mode, resulting in slower application switching.
  • Compatibility issues: When trying to run old games on a modern computer, the fullscreen mode could cause problems.

Impact Of Borderless Window On Performance

Borderless window mode has become a popular choice for gamers as it allows them to play games in a windowed mode without the borders of a typical windowed mode. Borderless window mode has been a topic of much debate regarding whether it affects performance, and if so, to what extent. This section explains how borderless window mode can affect performance.

CPU Usage

As a result, borderless window mode can cause your PC to use more processor power than fullscreen mode, which might result in a performance drop.

GPU Usage

There is also the effect of borderless window mode on GPU usage. When a game is running fullscreen, the GPU is solely dedicated to the game, but when a game is running in borderless window mode, it shares resources with the desktop. As a result, GPU performance may be slightly reduced, but this may vary depending on the game and the system configuration.

Input Lag

Game input lag is the delay between user input and game response. A borderless window can have a higher input lag than a fullscreen window. As a result, inputs can be delayed due to resource sharing with the desktop environment.

Frame Rate And Refresh Rate

A game’s frame rate and refresh rate are important factors. In borderless window mode, the game may have a slightly lower frame rate and refresh rate than in fullscreen mode because the desktop environment shares resources with the game, resulting in a slight performance drop.

Impact On Game Performance

Depending on the game and the system configuration, borderless window mode may have a negligible impact on game performance, while in others it may be noticeable. The performance of games with higher CPU demands may be more affected when they are run in borderless window mode than games with higher GPU demands.

Other Factors That May Affect Performance

Performance may also be affected by system configuration, display settings, and the number of applications running in the background. In some cases, these variables can be adjusted to mitigate performance issues.

Overall, the impact of borderless window mode on performance depends on several factors, and it can vary from game to game and system to system. Despite the potential for a slight decrease in performance when using borderless window mode, the convenience and ease of use may outweigh any negative effects. To find the ideal balance between performance and convenience, it is important to experiment with different settings and configurations.

How To Improve Performance In Borderless Window

While using borderless window mode can have a negative impact on gaming performance, there are ways to improve it. Here are some ways to improve performance in borderless window mode:

Adjusting game settings: Generally speaking, games offer a range of options for adjusting graphics settings. Reducing resolution, texture quality, and shadows can help reduce the strain on your system.

Updating drivers: It is crucial to keep your graphics card and other drivers up-to-date to ensure optimal performance, including poor gaming performance. In order to check for driver updates, visit the website of your computer or graphics card manufacturer.

Closing background programs: You should close unnecessary programs before launching a game so you can maximize gaming performance. Running other programs in the background while gaming can consume your system resources and negatively impact your game’s performance.

Using a gaming mode on the computer: Depending on your device, some gaming laptops and computers come with “gaming mode” functions, which optimize system resources for gaming. These features can improve performance in borderless window mode.

By implementing these tips, you can improve your gaming performance while using borderless window mode. Nevertheless, it’s important to keep in mind that the performance impact varies based on your set-up and the game you’re playing, so it’s vital to experiment with different settings and find the best one.


In this article, we have discussed the impact of borderless window mode on performance and compared it to fullscreen mode. The borderless window mode does tend to have a negative impact on performance if it is used excessively, causing CPU and GPU usage to increase, input lag, and frame rate drops. However, many advantages can be gained from the borderless window mode, such as faster alt-tabbing and easier multitasking.

The article also provides tips for improving borderless window mode performance, including updating drivers, closing background programs, and switching to gaming mode.

Overall, the choice between the borderless window and fullscreen mode depends on individual preferences and system configurations. It is essential to consider the impact of borderless window mode on performance and take steps to optimize performance if necessary, even though it may provide convenience.

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