Does Crypto Mining Damage GPU? [2023]

The bull market for 2023 is currently in full swing and everyone is wondering if they can mine cryptocurrency with their computers. They are afraid that their GPUs might be damaged if they use their computers to mine cryptocurrency. This is what holds them back from jumping in.

Regular use of crypto mining won’t cause any damage to your GPU. If heat is not properly managed, it can cause damage to the GPU’s components. If there isn’t adequate airflow or other cooling measures, the GPU can suffer from heat damage over long periods. There are safety features built into GPUs.

Your new graphics card cost hundreds of dollars and you waited so long to get it delivered because it was not in stock. There are some things to remember before you give your graphics card away to the crypto miners.

GPU Getting Burned

Does mining damage your GPU?

The short answer is no. But it does matter if you use it correctly. Many miners run graphics cards at maximum power, even when there is no ventilation. This is especially true for large mining rigs. Overheating eventually results. 

Overclocking and physical damage are two other things that can cause damage to your card. It is therefore important to know how to extend the life of your graphics cards.

In certain cases, steady GPU mining is safer than gaming. There are no sudden drops or thermal spikes that could cause damage to the GPU. 

Different textures and loading times can put different loads on your GPU when you are gaming. The temperature of your GPU can rise to 70C, 80C, or lower to 50C.

How To Prevent Your GPU to get Damaged

A GPU might be damaged when processing it at temperatures above 80degC or even 90degC over a longer amount of time. This could reduce the GPU life span.

There is a straightforward and effective method of lowering the temperature of the GPU temperature without affecting performance.

If you have missed this during high school Physics… Running a GPU that consumes 200W power, is essentially similar to operating a heater that draws 200W.

So, to decrease the heat output of GPUs, we must reduce the GPU usage of power. Many tools can help you achieve this. MSI’s afterburner is among the top well-known overclocking (and downclocking) tools. You can also underclock your GPU using MSI Afterburner.

People Also Ask (FAQs)

Does Mining Destroy A GPU?

The Answer is Yes, Mining can destroy your GPU as one of its side effects produces excessive heat. If you operate your mining equipment continuously at temperatures that are high at or above 80C or 90C, the GPU may suffer critical damage that could severely impact its life span.

Does Crypto Mining Hurt Your GPU?

The answer to this question is simple. If you excessively use your GPU at its full capacity then you may hurt it. So it’s better to use it smartly and give it some time to cool down. You can follow our guide to cool your GPU.


In the end, crypto mining like every other activity that requires a lot of GPU can lead to the degrading of the hardware as time passes, but there are methods to slow down the process of hardware degradation. The best method to prolong the life span that your graphic card will last is to keep your PC fresh and clean and underclocking can also prolong the life of your graphics card.

The lifespan of a cryptocurrency mining card runs 5 to 8 years, which is an average for graphics cards. If your maintenance is poor and care, you can expect this number to be smaller due to the increased temperature and wear and wear and tear.

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