What Is HWMonitor Pro? Review: Paid & Free (2022)

To buy HWMonitor Pro, you need to understand its offer. This article will explain how to use this product, including its Remote Monitoring feature, Alert System, and Cost. Having it installed allows you to monitor all your machines anytime from anywhere.

CPUID HWMonitor Pro

CPUID HWMonitor Pro
CPUID HWMonitor Pro

CPUID HWMonitor Pro displays CPU temperature, voltage, and fan speed. Besides analyzing the temperature of the primary hard drive, the software also features remote access, which makes it more effective than other CPU monitoring tools. By using this software, you can detect problems that may be causing your computer to run slowly.

CPUID HWMonitor Pro, the free software, supports all versions of Windows. In addition to being user-friendly, it supports graphing data and the ability to customize component labels. For customizing the labels, you can right-click on the component and then select one of several options. The label name can also be changed by pressing F2.

In addition to monitoring your CPU, storage, and USB drives, this software also has a graph generator that lets you visualize sensor data in real-time and the speed of your processor cooling fan. Aside from monitoring your computer from anywhere in the world, it also includes a storage and sub-drive monitoring feature.

You can also monitor your computer remotely. To control your equipment without physically visiting it, the software will provide you with the IP address of your computer.

The Add/Remove Programs feature in Windows Control Panel is used to install and uninstall CPUID HWMonitor PRO. You can uninstall the program by opening the Add/Remove Programs window.

If you are using Windows XP, go to Add/Remove Programs and click the Remove option. The installation directory remains unchanged during uninstallation. The program can be removed from the Start menu or Add/Remove Programs window once uninstalled. Registering and saving your ini file will preserve them.

Remote monitoring

Installing HWMonitor PRO on an Android device and connecting to it via the same IP address as your computer is an easy way to monitor your computer remotely if you are concerned about its security. A monitoring account can also be used to track multiple computers and devices.

Users can use the software quickly and on a USB stick. It is portable so users can use it on any PC. It has both a free and a paid version. Remote monitoring and graphical logging are available as well. The paid version offers more advanced features.

In addition to monitoring several machines at once, HWMonitor Pro scans your system and displays hardware component readings. In addition to monitoring CPU and GPU speeds, the software also organizes the information into categories. To get more information, you can expand any category.

You can begin remotely monitoring your computer once the software has been installed. Once you have copied the registration key into the installation directory, you can run the registration process in the program. It is easy to remove the program from the Start menu or Add/Remove Programs window if you no longer need it. Keep the registration key and ini file, as both are necessary for the program to function.

In addition to displaying temperatures, voltage, and fan speeds, HWMonitor monitors the temperature of your computer’s main hard drive.

Alerts system

alert system

As one of the features of HWMonitor Pro, you can monitor your Network’s health with the alerts system. Alerts can be customized to meet the needs of your organization. They can be sent via email and SMS when critical conditions are met. In addition, they help you create network maintenance schedules.

HMonitor PRO costs $2,995 (PS2,364), but you can try it for 30 days for free. You can easily install this software and learn how it works. You can see the causes of any problems by mapping supporting services down to hardware factors. It has customizable performance thresholds and alerts, as well.

HWMonitor PRO has been enhanced with new features and functionality. Remote sensors are supported over a TCP/IP connection. It can monitor PCs, Android devices, and other peripherals. The software’s graphics, gameplay, and overall feel have been completely overhauled.

Although HWMonitor can monitor hardware devices, you should remember that only compatible sensors are supported. As a result, HWMonitor is not an ideal solution for monitoring remote machines. Using the best hardware monitor software on your computer will help you determine whether or not your system is malfunctioning.

The free version of HWMonitor can read the primary PC sensors, including voltage, temperature, and fan speed. It supports the most popular sensor chips. A Graph Generator and remote PC monitoring are included in the paid version. The Pro version monitors multiple PCs and is even more comprehensive.


This application helps you monitor the components of your computer’s hardware. The program allows users to customize the program according to their needs and organizes data into convenient categories. It tracks voltages, temperatures, fans, power usage, and more. Different categories can be collapsed or expanded to see what each one is doing.

By connecting to your PC through an IP address or on a different network, HWMonitor Pro makes it easy to monitor remote machines. It is available in both an installer and a portable version. Each version can be used to monitor different hardware components.

It is possible to monitor two computers simultaneously with HWMonitor PRO. To use this feature, the remote computer must be running HWMonitor. Select Network> Connect to IP address from the Top menu to connect to the remote computer. In the next window, enter the remote computer’s IP address.

In addition to providing detailed information on network performance, HWMonitor Pro can also be installed on Android devices to monitor network performance. This affordable software can help you keep track of your data and prevent unnecessary charges.

You can purchase it from the Windows and Android stores. It displays bandwidth, download, and upload speeds and is also available for purchase from the Android store.

Several features of the software make it easy to use, such as saving logged data to a text file and saving graphical images of hardware components. In addition to remote monitoring and graph generation, the paid version includes system tray sensors and remote monitoring.


In addition to HWMonitor Pro, Windows users can choose AIDA64 or hwmonitor. AIDA64 is compatible with most operating systems and can prepare a 50-page audit report. In addition to auditing DLL files and startup programs and processes, Argus Monitor can also be used as an alternative to HWMonitor Pro. Fan speeds and brutal drive temperatures can be monitored by this Windows-made tool.

It does not add up in the system tray when minimized and cannot be used for real-time temperature monitoring. It would be best if you used tools like SpeedFan, Afterburner, or NZXT Cam to control fan speeds manually.

In addition to improved fan controls, HWMonitor Pro features improved system tray functionality, remote monitoring, and a more intuitive user interface. The Relater Osiris battery pack is also compatible with dedicated physical detectors.

A graph can be made from logged sessions with HWMonitor Pro’s easy-to-use interface. In addition to saving SMBus data for later viewing, it allows you to monitor remote computers and receive notifications of changes. The software is lightweight, so it does not consume many system resources.

A free version of HWMonitor Pro is available for Windows and Android platforms. This software displays information about your hard drive, video card, GPU, and other hardware. The program displays performance data in list-table format. It also displays system temperature and fan speed.

In addition to showing system temperature and fan speed, it works with 32 and 64-bit Windows. Besides health sensors and connected devices, it also displays performance data in list-table format.

People Also Ask (FAQs)

Is CPUID HWMonitor Pro Free?

HWMonitor is a free hardware monitoring program.

Is CPUID HWMonitor accurate?

There is no better way to monitor the temperature of your PC than by using HWMonitor. It presents current temperature readings, fan speed, motherboard temperature, voltage, and much more.

How do I uninstall HWMonitor?

Most computer programs have uninstall.exe or uninst000.exe in their installation folders.
Go to the installation folder of HWMonitor. Most of the time it is located in C:\Programs files or C:\Program files(x86)
Double-click the file to start the uninstallation process.

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