How To Underclock GPU Using MSI Afterburner (Step-By-Step) in [2022]

Searching on the Internet on How to underclock GPU using MSI Afterburner? then your wait is over! In this article, we will guide you to underclock your GPU using MSI Afterburner Software.

Graphic cards are an essential piece of hardware. These cards allow you to render and process 3D graphics while reducing the CPU load. People want to get the best performance from their card and often overclock it beyond its original clock speed.

Although overclocking is quite common, you don’t hear much about underclocking. Who in their right mind would ever want to lower their GPU’s performance through underclocking deliberately? It is insane to do this, and it’s not possible.

Some users find underclocking quite helpful and can get the performance boosts they want without sacrificing any performance. Let’s take a look to understand more about underclocking.

It would be best if you also underclocked your GPU when warmer winter months are near, and you’re concerned about the heat that could be added to your computer case. While there are many ways to lower the temperature of your PC however, underclocking the GPU is the best.

If your GPU’s core or memory clock is lower, it will require less power, and it will draw less power from its PSU and generate less heat.

What is Underlocking GPU?

The GPU includes a variety of cores that act as the core of the graphics card. Each center operates at a particular speed, referred to as the clock’s speed. Because the substances in question are involved in graphics processing and processing, the faster their clock speed is higher, the better performance they will have, and the reverse is also true.

Graphics card makers have a standard rate for clock speeds for their products, known as”the factory” clock speed. While most users use their graphics cards according to the clock speed specified by the manufacturer, others are aware of how vital optimizing GPU performance is.

To meet their graphics requirements, they increase or decrease the frequency of the clock, which is also referred to as frequency. Underclocking reduces the speed of your clock that your graphic card runs at.

What are the Benefits of Underlocking GPU

  • Reduced power consumption – reducing the clock speed of your GPU will allow you to run the device at a lower speed, which means that it draws less energy.
  • More excellent GPU – Because your hardware is operating slower, your graphics card isn’t functioning at its peak. It’s running at lower temperatures. This results in less heat being absorbed into the space.
  • A Quieter Fan – At lower temperatures, less noise is generated by the fan. The GPU fan curve won’t switch off until it has reached a certain amount of load or temperature. Therefore, if your system is running slower, you’ll be able to achieve a quieter all-around.
  • Conserving Your Hardware – keeping your card at a lower power level will extend the lifespan. Not pushing your hardware will last longer, which is particularly useful when it’s challenging to purchase an upgrade.

If you’re sure you’ll gain from under-clocking the graphics card and you are confident, follow the steps listed below.

Steps To Underclock GPU Using MSI Afterburner

If you’re able to boost the performance of your GPU it will be easy to find ways to underclock it to be quite easy. If you’re the first time trying take it easy. We’ll guide you through the procedure.

These steps are used to lower the speed of NVIDIA GPU as well AMD GPU by using MSI Afterburner.

Step 1: Download & Install MSI Afterburner

Install MSI Afterburner from MSI’s official website. MSI official site. Follow the steps to install the application and start it once installed.

Afterburner provides several user interfaces. However, they all have identical features and settings for control. MSI Cyborg’s MSI Cyborg Skin inspires the explanation we provide for Afterburner Red, developed by the Drerex Design interface.

Step 2: Check Your Graphics Card is Detected on MSI Afterburner

Check Your Graphics Card is Detected on MSI Afterburner

Check at the bottom whether your graphics card got detected by software or not. If not then you need to find a fix for it. But if it’s showing for you then you are good to go.

Step 3: Lower Down Core Clock Speed

When you launch MSI Afterburner, you’ll be greeted with several choices. Pay focus on the initial position of the slider since that is the standard of your graphic card. But, there’s an option to reset the function, which can help out if you make a mistake or lose the value you’ve changed.

To underclock, you will need either shift the clock’s core slider towards the left until it is in its default position (the “+0” place) and then move the slider farther to make it lower than the factory clock. This is contingent on the motivation to underclock the graphics card.

When you’ve got the core clock set at your desired rate, click ‘Apply’ and shut down the application if you do not wish to modify it further. Make sure you switch the tiny Windows symbol to ensure that the settings are in effect each time you start the application.

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Step 4: Underclock The Memory (Optional)

You’ll only have to do this If you’ve previously exceeded your memory clock. If you’ve only altered the central clock or haven’t overclocked anything and want to decrease the speed, keep the memory clock at the default setting.

There aren’t a lot of other advantages of going lower than the default clock. However, the most important benefit is keeping the more efficient default clock.

In the same way, you should be cautious when you are underclocking memory. This setting can be a little more delicate if it is below the factory clock, which could cause instability.

MSI Afterburner

Our Advice

Reduce the speed of your computer’s clock to whatever speed you prefer. However, make sure that this does not cause your programs or games to crash, lag or display odd errors. If this occurs, it’s a sign that your computer is underclocked overly much, so you need to raise the speed a bit.

Therefore, it’s recommended to reduce the speed in small increments rather than in large chunks. Only through trial and error can you find a balancing clock speed.

In addition, you can lower the voltage (decreasing your amount of voltage) on your GPU to reduce the power consumption. Additionally, you can alter the profile of your fan to alter the speed of the fan.

It’s possible to experiment until you find the perfect equilibrium between GPU time, speed of operation, profile, and voltage that allows your GPU to function efficiently while underclocked.


Not everyone will need to underclock their GPUs. And not everyone will have to overclock them. Only people who are solely using their computer for web browsing and/or web processing will be able underclock.

To stream YouTube videos, Hulu, or Netflix, you will need a graphics driver.

It is easy to underclock your computer if you’re certain that your GPU is not being used very often and you want to conserve energy. You can adjust the speed of your computer to meet your needs.

The difference between your bills and the cost of living is so small that many people think it’s a waste. You can expect lower performance if you underclock and play.

If you still have any questions then make sure to use comment box below.

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